Public Financers

A number of institutional actors work alongside Asmae to enable children and young people to live their lives to the fullest in societies and countries that respect their rights.


Asmae has been developing its expertise in supporting and building the capacity of local civil society actors committed to vulnerable children since 1980.

Our teams are firmly established in 6 countries of intervention in Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and France. Establishing and managing co-funded projects in our countries of intervention allows us to strengthen the administrative and financial structure of our local offices. We can thereby establish accountability with our funding agencies and individual donors as well as with our partners and final beneficiaries of our work.

Having support from institutional donors also enables Asmae to increase the scope and impact of its projects through wider-ranging, multi-year and multi-actor initiatives.

Moreover, these financial partnerships make it possible for the work conducted by local partners and local and national institutions alike to be recognised and to also strengthen Asmae’s contribution within the current task forces, both nationally and internationally. Advocacy work in the countries of the Global South has also been strengthened.

The precision and transparency of Asmae’s accounts are certified by our Auditor, Pouget Soubirous et Associés accountancy firm. Asmae has also been given the Donate with Trust label.


For more information, contact Christian Blanchard, International Action