What if we were to work together ? We need you !

Your role is important: it will help us continue to have a positive impact on the lives of the most vulnerable children, while fulfilling your sense of social responsibility.


Be part of a meaningful partnership

Get your staff members involved in a partnership that makes a tangible contribution to the development of future generations! With your support, we will be able to act for the benefit of vulnerable children, offer them a better quality of education and provide them with long-lasting protection.

Working alongside us will give you the chance to highlight that you take responsible economic action and show concern and respect for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. By helping us uphold children’s rights, you will also generate positive social impact and boost your employees’ involvement and pride.

You will unite your teams by getting involved in the projects you support – visiting our live projects, holding fundraising events and other joint initiatives. Seminars with our team members and workshops for raising better awareness of children’s rights as part of our Yalla! For Children’s Rights project will provide bonding time between your employees and their children and further opportunities for us to interact with one another. By becoming one of Asmae’s corporate partners, you’ll benefit from a 60% tax reduction.


“Working with Asmae was an opportunity to make our staff members aware of children’s rights. For the majority of attendees, this much-valued workshop shed light on the ignorance and the inequality of implementing these rights, even in our own country.”


Joëlle Tenegal, foundations representative, Meeschaert Group.

“In regard to Children’s Rights, we worked together to develop two innovations: an escape room in 2019 and a MOOC launched on 2 November 2020.
The content provided by Asmae was incredibly informative… The escape room and the MOOC, created in collaboration with the brand Okaïdi and Asmae, are fun and educational experiences. Introducing the micro-donation system in Okaïdi stores also got clients involved. It got them talking about Asmae and spread the message wider about children’s rights.”

Cécile Delivre, Executive Director of the We Act For Kids Fund

“As a manager, the pleasure of experiencing the ‘Yalla! For children’s rights!’ workshop was twofold. Firstly, as a team we shared an extremely enjoyable bonding experience, and secondly, I saw that my team, like me, all these people, were learning how to become agents for change.”

Roland Duffau, former Commercial Manager, Google France


By providing financial support, which is crucial for us to carry out our social missions in the field and confirms your commitment to CSR:

  • Annual or multi-year financial support
  • Appeal to your customers to provide support (letters or emails asking for donations; donations or roundups during purchases, etc.)
  • Fundraising merchandise, for which a fixed percentage of sales is allocated to fund our projects
  • Merchandise with our logo.

Provide ways for your staff members to get involved:

  • Payroll giving, which gives employees the opportunity to support our work each month through micro-donations from their net salary
  • Volunteering skills (such as lawyers for advice, financial and organisational audits or HR)
  • Fundraising campaigns, which also help your organisation to develop a socially responsible image
  • Charity events (such as sports challenges or talent evenings)


For more information, contact the sponsorship and philanthropy department: